Find the Grace in the Midst of the Messiness

There is choice in the midst of the fullness, chaos, pain and challenge of our days. It is true that there are circumstances that you cannot change, but your thoughts and feelings around these life events are absolutely up to you.  If you choose to come from a place of enough and leverage what is, your outcomes will reflect this.  Hands down. 

I just got off the phone with a client and he talked about how happy he is to be home, and how aware and present he is in choosing to be in each and every moment.  In past, he would focus on all the things that were not in his family, versus what was.  Today, after a lot of his own work, he is choosing to come from a place of focusing on what IS.  There is a lot of good in the midst of the dysfunction. He is setting boundaries where needed and letting go in other places which is allowing him to engage with those that he loves without being consumed by them.  A huge shift.  

Appreciate the journey, dear ones!  And know that each step of the way there is grace and goodness in the midst of the messiness.  Peace and love!