Seeking Perfection

Alright, dear ones.  This morning I came across this brilliant and chilling NY Times article about the pressure of perfection (click on NYT Source link below for details). This is my WHY in creating the collegiate life coaching business.  

While I was an academic advisor at the University of Notre Dame, I saw many gradations of the deep struggles that Kathryn DeWitt and Madison Holleran experienced, and it broke my heart. This stuff is for real, and the more young people that I can reach and teach the skills and tools needed to live this life journey with courage, strength, resiliency, and awareness, the better.   

This article speaks for itself, but it begs for a more candid conversation and a rallying around the path of seeking and living your truth.  College offers the canvas to begin the unlayering process of finding out who you are and what your purpose and passions are.  Life coaching helps you do this peeling back from a place of curiosity, kindness and compassion.  By harnessing your mind and generating healthy, productive thoughts that align with your heart, you will change your life.  I promise.  Email me (, and we can get started!