The Gift of Effort

What I have learned in this life is that effort is more important than result.  

You might take big, audacious, and courageous action and get no tangible or desirable result.
You might push, you slog, you show up, you give it your all.  And yet, 
The grade doesn’t improve. The relationship doesn’t last. The game is lost.  You're left with that feeling of devastating defeat. Miserable failure.
But that’s not actually the reality, because when you deliver what is in you and you try your best, you never really “fail.”
Simply by trying — especially when the end result is not a sure thing —  you are meeting the challenge by cultivating the act of completion and doing the best you can with what you have, and where you are.  

There are hidden nuggets — hidden miracles — that are born when you try.
You might not witness these miracles immediately playing out in front of your eyes. But they are unfolding in your being. Because you showed up.  You gave what you had.  You tried.
Trying is not a waste.
Trying is not an all or nothing.

Trying is always worth it.  The happiness in your life depends upon measuring yourself based on your effort, and the quality of thoughts that you have about that effort, not about whether you win or lose.  Deliver what is in you and meet the challenge without being wed to the outcome.  #truehappiness