Hello, Parents!

My coaching practice is brimming with young adults that arrive at the college doorstep well-groomed, well-loved, sparkly clean, and with an impeccable resume to boot; however, they often run for cover and crumble under pressure when life throws the inevitable curveballs. Why? Because that high-achieving young adult is still developing and learning how to navigate the myriad of obstacles that life is throwing at them. They are smack-dab in the middle of figuring out who am I and what than means. The struggle is real, and it is normal. They have not yet developed the problem-solving skills, mindset, and grit to absorb the blows of a bad grade, an argument with a roommate, or a difficult professor. Instead of seeing adversity as though something is terribly wrong with them, I teach them how to improvise, take accountability, and become super resourceful and adaptable to deal with difficulty and the convoluted nature of all things life.  

Against popular opinion, putting yourselves OUT of a job is exactly where you want to be going if you desire for your children to be truly successful in their own right. This does not mean to withhold the nourishing practice of loving your children and supporting them as they navigate their way through the world. Quite the opposite. The only difference is that instead of doing it FOR them, you are helping them to learn the tools necessary to do it for themselves. 

Recently, I have expanded my offerings to include a monthly family package which encompasses the daily/weekly work I am doing with my students while weaving in the parent/s on an as needed basis. I am finding that this approach is more holistic in nature, as it offers an even greater body of wellness for not only the student, but the broader family whole as well. 

Let's get to work! xx