The Next Level

“Every next level of your life will demand a different you.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

Many of my clients felt like rock stars in high school, but when they get to college and post-college, their extraordinariness is common. The competition is daunting, and they aren't so special anymore. And to make matters worse, they have had little to no reflection time to figure out that ever pressing question: Who Am I? and what am I doing with my life? So, instead of taking stock and doing a reboot, they revert back to what has always worked for them. They go back to being the person that they have always been, and there is no recognition that something different is needed. The landscape has changed, but they do not have the tool set to shift gears. 

They buckle down, stay up later, pile more into to their already full lives. They go into automatic pilot, and have no sense of what their intuition is telling them. Their day-planners are evidence of lives in constant motion, scheduled to the gills. With no down time. No quiet. No safe haven to retreat and reassess. And often, their network of friends have similar insane schedules and equally crazy lives so no one is able and willing to step off the crazy train and stop the madness. Take a breath. If only to question what seems to be the norm, but is toxic for so many. 

"They are not aware - because their lives are immersed in this, like fish in water - how ever­ present is their world of social media: the infor­mation barrage, the habitual messaging, the in­cessant appetite for immediate response. When they exit class or work, they talk on their phones, thumb­ tap text, look to see what they've missed in the time they've been away. They feel lost if not con­nected, umbilically, to the latest digital watering­ holes. It is relentless, addictive, brain-swiveling. But to them it is not unusual. The deluge and its unceasing demand for attention is not something they think of as stress-inducing."

Coaching offers a path to a more enlightened you by helping you to step back and assess your situation. Our time together will be about questioning everything, and then going about shedding old patterns, belief systems, and thoughts that are no longer serving you, and help you get your mojo back. It all starts with awareness which fosters a shift in perspective. By getting a handle on what is going on inside your mind and "cleaning house," you'll feel more organized, more energized, and more motivated. The only thing you will lose is an old version of you. Step into the moment brand new. 

A different and more adaptable you is needed to navigate life transitions, like college and life after college, and it all starts with the power of a good question. What is your why? You don't have to go it alone. What are you waiting for? #teamit #martalifecoaching