Being Uncomfortable

As a life coach, I am a huge advocate for being uncomfortable. It sounds counter-intuitive but it is really where the gold is. Why? Because it is our discomfort that can be our greatest teacher. Unfortunately, as human beings, our tendency is to avoid feelings of discomfort by numbing, checking out, avoiding, and circumnavigating at every turn. Social media has become a convenient and easily accessible mode of checking out. Food and alcohol offer numbing agents for many, while gaming and pornography offer an outlet for others. There is a misguided belief that something is wrong with us if we are uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. 

"Accept things as they are and make any uncomfortable moments your friend. You then have the power to change from within." 

I often tell my clients to "Go through the pain and unease, do not go around it." Through not around. Two prepositions, but one is very different from the other in action and behavior. The more that we go through the hard, the struggle, and the unknown, the more we learn about our mettle, and what is begging for attention and cultivation. It is always a bit surprising to my clients when they get to the other side of their struggle and they are still in tact. And better for it. The energy expended in the going through is scary and intense but so much more efficient and beneficial. 

Consider going through today instead of going around. Befriend the discomfort. Be with it and own it. Let me know how it goes.