Be the Buffalo

Thanks to my friend, Stephanie, I had the unexpected pleasure of reading an article last week about, believe it to not, the difference between buffaloes and cows and how they navigate a brewing storm. Who knew how self-actualized buffaloes were? Not me. Regardless, it was an apropos metaphor in illustrating the choices we have as humans to respond to the figurative storms in life. 

When a storm is brewing and rolling in over the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, buffaloes and cows react very differently. Cows choose what seem most natural to human nature which is to turn away from the impending doom and attempt to outrun it. As you might guess, the storm inevitably catches up, and the length and intensity of the struggle is magnified due to their avoidance. On the other hand, buffaloes turn toward the storm and choose to take it head on. They have more of a "bring it" mentality, along with having that intuitive knowing that although pain will be inflicted, there is cultivation in weathering the storm. They are better for it. 

So, consider being the buffalo and heading into the storms and messiness of life, instead of running away and going for the exits. The hard times are going to hit, regardless. No one is immune from pain and struggle. Knowing that your greatest growth and learnings are found in going through the hard and not around, why not go through? #bethebuffalo #hitthehardheadon