For You, Dear One

If you feel vulnerable, or armored, or vulnerable and armored. If you sometimes embrace your insecurities and sometimes struggle with them. Whether you are an extrovert, or an introvert, or are sometimes seeking the company of others and sometimes desiring quiet. 

If some days you wrestle with the feelings of being lost and unanchored, and some days you experience moorings and being centered. If you speak your truth, or don’t know what your truth is. Whether you are full of passion, or uncertainty, or sometimes passion and sometimes uncertainty. If you feel seen and known, or hide from the fear of rejection. If some days you stay in the arena, and other days you choose to stay on the periphery. Whether you feel isolated, are seeking, or have found yourself. If you are choosing to show up, or dial it back, but no matter what, you keep walking. 

Wherever you are, in whatever state you are, I see you. Keep walking. #itsallgood