Coaching and Therapy: A Powerful Combination

I am a big proponent of both therapy and life coaching as I witness the incredible gift that self-awareness and its relationship to living a healthier and happier existence breeds. About a 1/4 of my clients do a combination of both, and there seems to be a good synergy between the two. Why? Therapy tends to be more focused on past traumas and unresolved issues, and it gives context to the undercurrents at play in belief systems and behaviors, while life coaching focuses more in the here and now by identifying the client's personal goals, the obstacles that are getting in the way, and how best to proceed by developing a plan of capitalizing on awareness, cultivating a healthier mindset, optimizing strengths, and compensating for weaknesses. 

Last evening, I was talking to one of my clients who recently began therapy, and when I asked her how she differentiated the work that she and I were doing and the work that she was doing in therapy, she said, "I see therapy as going back in my life and addressing some of my earlier experiences and how those have colored my beliefs and behaviors up to now, while I see our coaching relationship as a way for me to have a game plan for my life going forward. It's a life philosophy. I want to live my truth, contribute to the greater whole, and have an epic life." Sounds good to me! Cheers to the journey ahead! x