Make the World A Better Place

I posted this on my FB page last week, and I share it here on the blog since the sentiments and the spirit in which I do my coaching work have been strongly informed by my upbringing, and the irrepressibility, vulnerability, drive, brilliance, and heart of my dear father. He was himself very well. May each one of you get better and better at becoming YOU. Our world needs you. Cheers to you, Dad! x

My heart is both rejoicing and breaking as I compose this. It is with a heavy heart that I share the death of my dear Dad, Chuck Roemer, this morning. He succumbed in the end to the vicious and unrelenting disease of Alzheimer’s, but his being and core nature were never completely ravaged by it as he maintained a kindness, light, and goodness that defied all odds. It is hard to put into words the deep love and gratitude I feel toward him and the legacy he left us. He set the bar high. God blessed us with a loving, driven, disciplined, committed, vulnerable, competitive, smart, magnanimous, and principled man. He was never one to blend (to my dismay as a young person!), and he always was about making a difference and making the world a better place in any way possible. As your daughter, Dad, I thank you for loving Mom so fiercely, and teaching your five children that the most important lesson of all is learn to love and be loved. Very well. Although your light has been extinguished here on earth, I know that it will illuminate the Heavens and come back to us ten-fold. I promise to do everything I can in this life to do as you did: LOVE, SERVE, LOVE, HAVE FUN, LOVE, WORK HARD, RINSE and REPEAT. I love you forever and always, and being your daughter was one helluva ride. Shine on and fly, Dad! You earned your wings. xoxoxoxo