Living a Good and Meaningful Life

What does living a good and meaningful life look like? How does that version of you show up in the world, and how can you be that person every day? 

Two things that are at the heart of being your best and living a good life: 1) focus on the fundamentals, and 2) be consistent and thoughtful with your daily practices. Healthy habits create an optimal life so I recommend looking at your eating habits, sleeping patterns, exercise, quality of relationships, belief systems and thoughts, and actions/inactions. Get clarity on these things and identify what is working, and what isn't. Be honest. Shift from automatic pilot mode to awareness so that you are fully accountable in creating what you are seeking. 

A good place to assess the quality of your daily practices and the depth and breadth of your life is to reflect on 2017 and what worked and what didn't. What helped you thrive, and what interfered in achieving your goals of a life of meaning, goodness, and mental wellness? With whom were you at your best, and with whom did you lose your way? Where did you feel most anchored? What energized and focused you, and what distracted you? Where were you able to serve? Contribute? Have purpose? By becoming aware of how you are showing up in your life and the choices you are making along the way, you have the power to continue with life as usual, or recalibrate and pivot where desired. It all goes back to your daily actions and the "micro-transactions" that are creating your reality. Are you anchored in practices that cultivate what you are seeking?

As a life coach, I help people get to the heart of what is going on and why, and then set to work on shifting things in an upward and more meaningful trajectory. I love what Abraham Maslow calls "soul oxygen" - what one can be, one must be. In order to be what we can be, we need to be finely attuned to what is getting us closer to ourselves, and what is steering us off course.  Imagine feeling better and having the motivation and momentum necessary to rise to another level. 

Living a good and meaningful life is possible. It's closer than you think. What are you waiting for? Cheers to the journey ahead! ox