The Power of a Good Question

What is meaningful? What is true? What really matters in our often busy, chaotic, loud, and convoluted world? How do we have the conversations with ourselves and our children that further us? Help us grow in self-awareness? Empathy? Kindness? Curiosity? Perspective?

The power of a good question can make the difference between a common exchange and one that goes a step or two deeper. Asking good questions is an art, and when we come from a place of curiosity and a desire to learn, the questions flow organically. There is no set agenda, no facade to maintain. It is about connection, courage, and vulnerability. Why not try asking some different questions to have a more substantive and meaningful exchange?

Tell me when you were brave today.

Tell me when you witnessed someone else being brave.

Did you experience kindness today?

When did you feel most loved today?

How did you make the world better today?

Where does confidence come from?

With whom did you sit at lunch? Is there anyone that you are aware of that could use a lunch partner tomorrow?

If you disagreed with what someone said today, did you ask questions to gain understanding and common ground or did you choose to stay quiet?

Where is connection created? In acceptance or in judgment?

Do you think the quality of your relationship with someone is about what they do for you, or what your thoughts are about them and how you feel when you think those thoughts?

Is it easier to love someone or tear them down? Which do you choose?

How do you cultivate happiness and a sense of good enough? Is it an inside job?

Do you think that the currency of your dreams resides in your willingness to move through discomfort, or to stay safe and in the familiar?

How do you navigate discomfort?

How many times did you feel uncomfortable today? Tell me more.

What are 5 things that you love about yourself? Here are 5 things that I love about you.

Did you question something today? What was it?

Do you think you are born with resiliency or is it a muscle that you build by doing hard things?

Commit to 5 minutes of self care for the next 10 days. No negotiation. What would that entail?

To whom did you compare yourself today and why? Was it based in harsh judgment or curiosity?

What are you thinking about a person and/or circumstance in your life that is challenging you?

How do you feel when you think that thought?

Who are you, and how do you behave when you think that thought?

Who would you be without that thought?

What is the solution?

Are thoughts self-fulfilling prophecies?

Do you think people’s actions and behaviors are about you or about them?

Is it your business to know what other people think about you?

How much energy are you putting toward being liked versus being yourself?

With whom do you feel most at home?

What brings you joy? What lights you up?

What have you learned about yourself in the last week that you didn’t know before?

What is one thing that you can do differently that will get you closer to what you want in your life? What is holding you back from doing it? Why?

Do you want my advice or my support?

Did you know that I love you? All of you? Every part of you? Even those parts of you that are hard to love? Especially those parts? I do.

Really? #tellmemore