What I Teach

“A teacher is a student who teaches to continue her study.”

I love helping people discover their gifts and follow their curiosities while creating a life philosophy and way of being that helps them flourish, be well, feel good, and contribute to the world.

I believe that life is a journey of hard and sweet and so much of our experience is informed by how we think, how we feel, and how we choose to show up in the world.

I am committed to the path of emotional and physical health and wellness, and lighting the way towards what is possible and what is desired.

I love depth, breadth, messy, beautiful, meaningful, authentic, vulnerable, courageous, intentional, strong, and real. In short, this is what it means to be human.

I believe that most of us never feel good enough, we hide more than we show up, we desire connection but avoid being vulnerable, and we steer clear of discomfort even though it is the currency of a life well-lived.

I am committed to helping you find your way back to yourself, learn how to feel any and all things, think and move in a way that serves you and lights you up, and guide you back to being courageous and whole hearted again.

Join me for a monthly coaching package where you and I can be an unbeatable team: I can help you find your footing, teach you skills to navigate life consciously and confidently, and gently help you rise to that next level of growth so that you have a direction and can keep on realizing your potential. xx #cheerstoyou #cheerstothejourneyofbeinghuman