A New Adventure

It has been 4 months since we said goodbye to our cherished South Bend existence and embraced our dream of moving west to the Rocky Mountains to pursue an entrepreneurial opportunity. The impetus for the change was to continue our trajectory of growth both personally and professionally, seek out more sunshine, shake up our comfort zone, and soak in the mountains on a daily basis.

We are 4 for 4, but new beginnings are not for the faint of heart.

Craig and I knew that pursuing this dream was a huge leap.

We had a lot of landscape to cover before we could make it a reality.

We started by looking at potential schools for the kids, checking out neighborhoods in southern Denver, calibrating our finances to buy into the Shred415 franchise (more on that in a future post!), testing the waters of selling our home, breaking the news to family and friends, and gearing up for a new adventure.

Little by little, we planted the seeds necessary to realize our dream.

It took about 10 months, but we did it. We covered our bases. We got all our ducks in a row. We said our goodbyes. We shed many tears. We took deep breaths. We teeter-tottered on being all in or pulling out altogether. We persisted. We had a few freak outs. We put one foot in front of the other. And finally, we made our way west in a 2-car caravan loaded to the gills and stocked with good playlists, awesome co-pilots, and a trusty GPS.

I think there’s a dream inside every one of us.

I once met a family that sold all of their belongings and traveled around the world for 12 months.

I have several friends who are training for a marathon and they wake up at the crack of dawn so they can get a workout in while the rest of the world sleeps.

I know a young man who is working two part-time jobs and taking 15 credit hours so that he can pay for post-baccalaureate classes and pursue his dream of going to medical school.

I work with a couple who spent their entire savings to buy into a business to continue their path of wellness and pursue an entrepreneurial dream. 

I am blessed to know a woman who left behind a stable and well-respected job to follow her dream of owning her own coaching business.

This is how it is done. This is how dreams are built. With conviction, discipline, courage, deep love, and a vision. With hard choices and daily habits. With intentionality and passion. With a willingness to jump into the unknown. Whatever it takes.

What is your dream?

Would you sell your furniture for a dream?

Would you say goodbye to the known and move across the country to pursue a new adventure?

Would you wake up a few hours earlier each day for your dream?

Would you fight for your dream? Make an effort for your dream? Go all in for your dream? Take a leap of faith for your dream? Feel discomfort for your dream? Face the unknown for your dream?

We can stay safe and comfortable. Or we can choose to evolve, dig deep, and push outside the lines.

Just like my friends and their stories, we all have a checklist that needs to completed in order to plant the seeds to cultivate that dream. Whatever your big dream may be…

Start doing.

Tie a knot and hang on, dear ones. Life is waiting! x