The Power of Reflection

Is it just me or did the first three months of 2018 fly by in the blink of an eye? It feels like five minutes ago I was sitting by the fire with my feet up enjoying a hot mug of coffee and commiserating with my sweet husband about life and those things that were at the top of our to-do/dream list for the new year: What we wanted to create in our businesses, making time for our family and one another, syncing up with some of our favorite people for dinner, taking a vacation or two, doubling down on our daily exercise/mindfulness routines, and mapping out our eventual move to Denver, CO in June. Just to name a few. 

Since coming home from a blessed spring break week in Florida with our crew (minus Ben who was frolicking in Tanzania with giraffes and lions), and having a health scare that crystallized those things that are truly important, I’ve been feeling a deep desire to look up, breathe deeply, and soak in what has transpired since that day in front of the fire. 

So much to process, and to help me do so, I came up with 14 questions that I think put things in perspective, and provide context and a clear path moving forward. I recommend this kind of reflective exercise in whatever stage you are on your journey. 
14 Questions: 

1. What was my vision for 2018, and am I on the right path? 

2. What were my goals and have those shifted? In what way?

3. Am I pleased with my daily routine, and am I staying true to what is healthy and good for me? Is this routine getting me closer to realizing my goals? Or do I need a reboot?

4. Where am I experiencing resistance? What am I avoiding? What do I keep putting off and reassuring myself that I will get to at some point? 

5. Do I end the majority of my days feeling satisfied? 

6. Am I loving well? Where am I lacking courage and the willingness to be vulnerable? 

7. Am I being present? With my children, with my husband, with my Mom, with my siblings, with my dear friends? 

8. Am I serving my clients and the needs that they have to the best of my ability? Where can I do more? What can I do differently? Better? 

9. What do I long for? What am I jealous of in others? Why? 

10. For whom am I grateful? Have I told that person recently? 

11. What have I learned about myself this year that I didn't know before? 

12. Do I need to reassess my daily social media time? Is it overshadowing other more important and worthwhile things? Am I keeping the comparison beast at bay or is it stealing my joy? 

13. What do I want to do more of, and what do I want to prune out going forward? 

14. Am I being ME very well? 

I answered these questions in my journal, and I undoubtedly will have them percolating in my mind and heart in the days ahead. Good questions cultivate substantive reflection and conversation and plant the seeds for growth, clarity, and action. Since life is moving at a fast and furious pace and it shows no signs of slowing down, do yourself a favor and take some time to reflect and ask thought-provoking and meaningful questions. Who knows what you might learn about yourself and decide to implement in the days ahead. Being mindful and setting goals helps us be intentional and focused in our lives. What are you waiting for?