Stay True to What Fits

There is so much more to you than the roles you play or from where you come. 

You have your own curiosities, and areas that are immune and safe from the outside world. Your insides are under construction as you navigate the landscape and get in touch with what resonates with you. Not just what sounds good to the outside world. But, what really jives with your being and what you know to be true. As you are learning, you are evolving — so yesterday's and today’s answer to your inquiry about "who am I" may be too broad or too stifling tomorrow.
Your journey warrants some intentionality. Some personalization. Some guts.

Here’s the most telling question to ask yourself when you’re in search of guidance and finding your voice:
“What fits me?"
That particular question destroys blueprints, and belief systems that never honored you in the first place. That question is truth and authenticity in a world that is enamored with shoulds, appearances, facades, and societal expectations. 

“So... what fits me?"
Finding the answer to that — from your relationships to your major to your extracurriculars to your passions — requires chutzpah, the audacity to experiment. It’s not as lickety-split as a quick fix, or as logical as a math equation, or as familiar to the masses. And you may not score at the popularity game — but the liberty and the empowerment will fit you quite nicely. Stay true to what fits, and you won't be sorry. x