Making A Decision

What are the benefits of making a decision? As you start taking action, you learn so much about yourself in the process. You show up and become a participant in your own life.  As you gain information from your choices and actions, you learn that you can change your mind. Make other decisions. And shift gears where needed. This is very different than going back on your decision or not making a decision at all. Moving forward with the knowledge gleaned from making the decision in the first place is the key. 

When you are decisive, it cultivates a clear-headedness. The more decisions you make, the more you grow. Confidence is a by-product. How do you gain self-confidence? BY DOING. Not by abdicating the role of decision-making to someone else, but actually making decisions for yourself. 

Making decisions saves time, and keeps you in motion and on the path of evolving. Being in confusion wastes time and sabotages your ability to grow and learn about what works and what doesn't. Eg: I don't know if I want to go abroad. If you decide to go, make it the best decision you can make. Go all in. Learn. Grow. No regrets. It's all an experiment. Use the data points from the experience and make them part of your decision-making going forward. 

Interestingly, some of my clients believe that they keep themselves safe from making a mistake by not making a decision. Not making a decision is making a decision. Indecision masquerades as a protection from making a 'bad' decision when really it is being fearful of making a mistake and not wanting to commit. 

So, how do you decide something? Consider everything based on what you know to be true today. Know that you will always have at least two or more options in any given situation. Step back, assess, and then make a step forward. Choose. 

It is also good to like your reason for making the decision. If you were starting brand new, would you choose whatever is the status quo? If you're deciding if you would date this person again, choose this roommate, play this sport, pick this major, seek this job, choose this school - would you? 

What if failure was not the big deal that you make it? What if there was just winning or learning? Failure is just in how you think about it. Take out the thought of failure. Which path would you pursue then? 

Making decisions propels you forward. 

My coach once said that when making a decision, ask the question: What would love do? So, what would you do in your present situation if you were to ask what love would do? Sometimes love means you say no or you leave. Sometimes, it means you go a different path. Whatever it is, it's all good. 

What moves you towards who you want to be? Fear doesn't lead you in that direction. It pretends to protect you, but in reality, it holds you back. 

"Discomfort is the currency of getting what you want in life." ~ Brooke Castillo

What is the best and worst case scenario? Look at your options. The worst case scenario is missing out on the best case scenario. Really? Yep. So, what is holding you back? Get moving. Make an informed decision based on what you know to be true today. Go all in. Learn. Grow. Have your own back, and gain confidence in the process. Let me know how it goes. You got this. ox