You Are Not Defective

I have worked with hundreds of young adults who are insecure and do not feel good enough. Just because you feel insecure does not mean that something is wrong with you! In fact, it is developmentally appropriate. It means that you are human and you are in the messy and beautiful business of finding your fit and figuring out who you are. This journey of self-exploration can be glorious and miserable, enriching and painful, sweet and angsty. 

Your job as a human and young adult is to figure out who you are, and in the same breath, appreciate your sense of individuality. It isn't about morphing into who you think you should be or who others might desire you to be. It is about you figuring out YOU and putting the pieces together to create your masterpiece. It is about becoming YOU very well. Find your fit. Understand your leanings. Work with your strengths, and compensate for your weaknesses. If you are struggling with this a bit, find support. Seek therapy. Get excellent medical care. Consider medication if necessary. Own it all. Love it all. Ask for help where and when needed, and get to work! 

Social media is presenting a very alluring but dangerous and inauthentic picture of connection, belonging, and happiness. What you see on your instagram and snapchat accounts is not real. It is an airbrushed version of life. When you stay on the surface, there's no real connection and meaning. Is it any wonder that you struggle to feel whole and good enough with this as your bar? Seriously, people! Stop the crazy. Take a social media hiatus. Fast from your phone for a day. Or two. Feeling defective is commonplace now. You are being sold a bill of goods. You are so far from defective. There is nothing wrong with you.

Wherever you are in this moment, you are exactly where you are meant to be, and it is your job from this day forward to build a relationship with yourself that is about curiosity, compassion, growth, and love. Start journaling. Take walks. Go for a run. Meditate. Get to know the different parts of yourself. The light, the dark, the in-between. It's all good. 

Dig in, be present, conscious, and question everything that isn't working for you. Tweak where needed. Get help. Work hard. Try, try, try again. And all the while, walk this journey with yourself and find the path that honors your gifts, creates connection, cultivates purpose, and contributes to the greater whole. I believe in you! Now, get moving -- the world needs messy and beautiful you! ox