Healing is Possible, Dear Ones!

You didn’t mess up.

You aren’t a mess up.

Your brain and your thoughts have a tendency to get messed up.

Time to get that sweet brain of yours unmessed up.

Second and third chances exist.

The pain and struggle are surmountable.

Healing and a healthier way is possible.

You might feel broken, lost, helpless, and worthless.

These feelings are based on thought errors and a faulty belief system.

Your thoughts and beliefs are NOT facts. They are just the story you are telling yourself.

Build a relationship with self that feeds you instead of diminishes you. Start checking in with yourself each day — how am I doing? How am I feeling? What do I need? What is the next right step? How can I best love myself today?

A lot of things that are causing you pain and confusion right now will make a lot more sense in 5 years so tie a knot and hang on.

You matter.

I see you, and I am going to help you.

A recent mind-blowing poll: 1/3 of American college students have mental health issues.

5% or 10% of college students have had suicidal thoughts in last 2-3 weeks.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Time to put boots on the ground and dig in.

I’m here when you’re ready.

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