Why Coaching?

Why work with me? 9 reasons: 

 1. Because you are tired of feeling alone, unmotivated, anxious, insecure, stressed, and overwhelmed. You want to feel better. I can show you how without changing any of your circumstances.

2. Because you are struggling to fit in. You want to find your people and to truly belong. The opposite of belonging is fitting in. True belonging is being who you really are and not betraying yourself for other people. It requires you to be who you are. Belonging is belonging to yourself first. I can help you cultivate this.

2. Because you’d love to get along better with your parents, and you want to understand how to be in relationship with them from an authentic and healthy place. Are you in?

3. Because doing this life journey alone is lonely. Guess what? You don’t have to.

 3. Because you’d love to uncover your curiosities and gifts and learn how best to weave meaning and purpose into your day to day. We can get to work to figure things out. This is the fun part.

 4. Because you desire to have a safe space to be heard, to share your heart, and to feel seen and known. No judgment. You’ll receive guidance, yes. A perspective shift, yep. Lots of encouragement, always.

5. Because you’ve been telling yourself, “I feel overwhelmed and tired on a daily basis.” A month of coaching will help you learn how to manage your stress level and how best to care for your body, mind, and soul in the process. It is all about embodiment and aligning your head and heart. Sound good?

6. Because you’re a very busy person and you’ve spent the last many years living a checklisted life. And why? It’s time to understand your why and what drives and motivates you so that it doesn’t feel like such a slog. You can get to where you want to go from a much more clear and fortified place — no more hustling for your worth.

7. Because your spirit is craving a kinder, softer way of being. Waking up with a mindset that lifts you and doesn’t diminish you. No more believing those negative and harsh thoughts. Time to shift into a way of thinking and being that serves you and feeds you. It’s at your fingertips. Ready?

8. Because you love feeling good and you’d benefit from learning some new tools and ways of thinking and being that will get you there. It’s about building a life skill set that serves you. Yes, please.

9. Because this is it. Your one wild and precious life. And sometimes you just need to be willing to seek out help and say, “Yes” to YOU. I got you.

 See you soon, I hope.