Perfection can be a great short-term approach. It is a relentless striving to make it right. But, if you’re not careful, it is easy to confuse excellence with perfection.

Excellence does exist, perfect does not.

So, the ambition that so many of my clients have to work to attain something that doesn’t exist is crazy. It is literally crazy-making! The anxiety is typically very high in their lives because they are chasing something that isn’t attainable and too high of a standard.

Valuing precision and accuracy gets you results. Just be aware that seeking perfect compromises you. It takes a heavy psychological and physical toll.

The beauty of excellence is that it gives you permission to be messy because you are a learner. A beginner’s mind is in it for the long game. It is about being more interested in what you don’t know more than what you do know. It is okay with failure because it knows that you have to fail to succeed.

Think about your approach when you were learning how to walk. There was nothing that was going to deter you from achieving walking status. You fell often; you got weathered, bruised, and bloodied; and you never took your eye off the ball. Obstacles were everywhere and you refused to quit. You got creative. You thought outside the lines. You actually had fun with it. And you never felt like a failure. You didn’t question your failures as much as you learned from them. Why not cultivate a beginner’s mindset in everything? It has every upside, and it frees you from the prison of your mind. No more playing small. No more staying safe. No more avoiding exposure. Failure is necessary; it is the currency of your dreams. And since perfection doesn’t allow for failure, why not seek excellence?

Excellence is always available to you. High quality, precision, on point, on time, — something beautiful. It helps you achieve your goals and it maintains your health and wellness in the process. Nothing better than that! Let’s get to work, loves! xx