This Life

It’s been a wild and wonderful 12 months. At a time when so many special, beautiful things are happening, I’ve also been experiencing waves of ache and overwhelm. Shred415 is happening, my work is expanding, my children are spreading their wings, my husband is Slaloming, and significant chapters of my life are opening and closing. 

This is how it goes, I guess. This is life. This is the messy and the sweet. I have been running for so many months without slowing and I feel like I am just coming up for air. Why? Because the pace of our life has been on overdrive. And frankly, I believed that stopping wasn’t an option. We have made choices, exciting and terrifying ones, that have permeated our world from top to bottom. Moving to Colorado and buying into Shred415 was a huge shift, and it is incredible to me that we have been here 13 months already. I am learning that we get away with nothing — eventually it manifests in our body and our beings somehow. It is taking time for me to process our move, our choices, and both the intended and unintended consequences. What a ride! I still get leveled by it from time to time. I miss my family. I miss my dear friends. I miss the familiar. I miss our old life. And yet, I love our new life. How can this be? It’s like this. 

My heart and soul, over the years, has grown, stretched, cracked open, broken, and grown far beyond me. It is moments and chapters like this that I know more space is being created, and I am evolving. More room for sorrow; more room for joy. More room for contrast. More room for what is possible. More room for everything. 

Struggle is not the problem. Growth is good. Hard is necessary. We can get more adept at it. We can put people and goals in our lives to remind us of what’s real, what’s possible, what matters when we forget. I have been here before. Oh, have I been here before. I know this place. It is old; it is new. Embrace this new chapter, dear one. It is going to be okay. Yes. It is going to be more than okay. 

Such a sweet and crazy existence. This life. As Pema Chodron says, things come together and then they fall apart, they come together and they fall apart. It’s like this. Life is like this. Cheers to me and you and all of us trying to find our way and make sense of it all. Tie a knot and hang on – there’s more to come. So much more. You got this. xx