I was so incredibly fortunate to encounter Marta my freshman year of college. She immediately met me with kindness and has helped me to grow academically and personally through holistic advising. Compassion partnered with a sharp and knowledgable mind makes Marta a powerful resource and intuitive advisor. Her office is a safe space and her presence is grounding and inspirational. I owe much of who I am and my successes today to the strong foundation Marta helped me to build.

It's not an either/or life.

When I was an Academic Advisor at the University of Notre Dame, I counseled, advised, and collaborated with hundreds of students on finding their ‘fit’ in both a major and in their own skin/being. Exhaustion and burnout were common, and there was a longing and desire for something more. High school and college can be a beautiful and enriching opportunity for your young adult to establish a strong and secure foundation by exploring their interests and gifts while also building relationships and getting to know who they are. It's difficult to find clarity and purpose when they are juggling their academic work load while maintaining friendships, finding space for themselves, being aware of what piques their attention and interests, and making time for extracurriculars. Sometimes, their health, well-being, compass, and happiness can get lost in the shuffle. That's where I can help.

As a life coach, I will help them see that the presenting symptoms of generalized anxiety, lack of motivation, isolation, and a general malaise can be addressed by going one step deeper and getting to the heart of what is going on. Inevitably, once we identify the cause of their struggle, we ameliorate the symptoms. I can teach them powerful practices, most specifically in addressing and shifting their thinking, that will dramatically change the way they experience and engage with the world and that will most definitely shift who they are—they will feel more like themselves than ever before—and that will radically improve their ability to create the results that they want.

"The gift of having a life coach in your child's world is worth every penny. We were at our wit's end in trying to help our son find his way and figure things out with school, his friends, and being happier, overall. His motivation and mood shifted almost immediately after he started working with Marta. He did the 9 month offering and I think it will be a lifetime offering since he is so much more self-aware and able to make sound decisions. It's like he grew up overnight. There is definitely overlap in our parenting and Marta's coaching, but somehow she got through to him differently than we were able to. I think that is part of the magic. And Marta is the secret sauce." ~ Laura, Mom of a Notre Dame student

Because I cherish time with my sweet family of six, and I want to provide exceptional attention and services to my coaching business, I only commit to a limited number of clients. I offer three packages of 1:1 coaching: Core (1 month), Ignite (one semester), and Thrive (9 months). I look forward to connecting with you!

When I first met with Mrs. Brummell, I was in need of clarity and balance in my life and all my endeavors. Even though I have only been meeting with her for a short time period, I have been able to gain a better understanding of what fulfills me, and the activities and things I can do to make me happier and balanced.