Thrive Intensive
1:1 coaching

9 months of 1:1 coaching and group support. Includes thirty-six 1:1 60-minute calls, and 9 months of email support.

This package allows you to go deeper, take your time, and get ongoing support and mentorship throughout the school year, August 15 - May 15.

9 MONTHS TOGETHER…creating something awesome!  This work is life-changing as it requires an intentionality and willingness to commit to living your life from a happier and more authentic place. 

There are 6 key areas that we will focus on during our time together: Thought Work, Self-Responsibility and Self-Care, Presence in Your Day to Day, Living with Intention and Purpose, and Implementation of the Self-Coaching Tools and Practices. This coaching package is customized to meet your unique needs and desires, and will cover the areas below that are most relevant to you and living your best life.  

Thought Work:  

  • Although you cannot control many of your life circumstances, you absolutely can control your thoughts about those circumstances and ultimately what you do with them and how you respond to them
  • Recognize that your thoughts and feelings are creating the action (or inaction!) and ultimately the results in your life
  • Uncover your belief systems and whether or not these beliefs are serving you
  • Learn tools & practices that help you to live with awareness and freedom, and help you see that you are NOT your negative thoughts


  • Take full responsibility for your emotions and recognize that you cannot control others, you are only in charge of yourself
  • Learn to operate from a place of emotional maturity (personal responsibility) so as to not give your power to others
  • Own your life and realize that all things are within your control aside from other people and circumstances
  • Recognize that thoughts are where your power lies


  • Pay very close attention to your mind
  • Prioritize self-care, it is 100% critical to your success and happiness
  • Design your ideal calendar / schedule – complete with time for fun, creativity, contribution, loved ones, and anything else that is important to you
  • Learn systems to nurture and simplify your life and keep you free of burnout

Presence in Your Day to Day — Showing Up:

  • Increase your awareness and consciousness
  • Pay attention and get out of default mode

Living With Intention and Purpose:

  • Set priorities and goals for your life
  • Harness the power of your thinking to actualize your most authentic and awesome self
  • Get the mentorship and coaching you need to thrive


  • Look at your life as a compassionate witness
  • Cultivate awareness of your mind and be present = strength, happiness and success
  • Integrate your past and present and THRIVE 

Terms of Agreement

  1. Be prepared for your session. I recommend a blank notebook + pen, an open mind, and blocked out time. 
  2. Commit to working the assignments. Thrive won’t work if you don’t.
  3. Business hours are Monday – Thursday // 9:00 a.m – 2 p.m. ET. I answer incoming email promptly as possible, but please understand it may be a couple hours before I can respond.
  4. Your spot is confirmed once payment is received.
  5. I accept clients on a limited basis – quality over quantity – so once you’ve reserved your spot, it is yours. 
  6. Everything you share with me is confidential. I will never share your stories or results without your permission + blessing.

Ready to begin?

If you feel an inner shift of wanting to truly thrive versus merely survive and welcome change, I’m ready to work with you. Click on the link below and we can get started.  If you would like to connect with me first, I offer a free 30-minute call so that we can get to know one another and make sure that it is a good fit for everyone involved. Once we establish this connection, we can hit the ground running and get you on your way to truly thriving in your college experience. 

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